KKPT Iron Fitness Studio Training:

Private One on One:

50 mins – $80
40 mins – $65
25 mins – $50

Private Duets (per person per session):

Duet (50 mins) – $60
Duet (40 mins) – $50
Duet (25 mins) – $40

Private Zoom Training:

50 mins – $70
40 mins – $55
25 mins – $40
Scheduled at your convenience
Rates are per household…have as many people join the workout as you’d like!

Private In Home or on Location Training:

One on One:
50 mins – $100
40 mins – $85
25 mins – $70
***Group & Family Rates available on request.

Small Group Zoom Training:

KKPT Small Group Zoom Training: KKPT Small Group Zoom Sessions consist of a full body workout that varies with each session online in the comfort of your our home. Cardio, strength, flexibility, balance and more are all a part of small group sessions!  All fitness levels are welcome as the workouts can be made to fit all levels, needs and special considerations. Please contact Kathy with any questions. The KKPT Small Group is a great community and a fun way to help you reach those fitness goals!
Current Small Group Zoom Schedule:
30 min sessions:
Mon &/Wed/Fri: 6:45-7:15am
$150 per month for unlimited sessions pre-paid at the beginning of the month.

Private small groups also available. Please contact Kathy for details & pricing.

Cancellation is requested 24 hours before a scheduled session.

Iron Fitness Covid 19 Protocols:

– Wait outside in your mask for your trainer to come get you for training. If you prefer to wait in your car, just text when you’re here and your trainer will text you when to come to the studio.  Your trainer will take your temperature with a non-contact thermometer before entering the studio.

– Please wear your mask into the studio to wash your hands after you enter the studio. You may remove your mask after you wash your hands. Wash again before you leave and wear your mask out of the studio.

– Bring your own towel & water bottle.

The state has provided minimum safety protocols and guideline for businesses as we go forward.  We want you to know that Iron Fitness is meeting these minimum safety and health protocols, but we have also implemented protocols of our own that we feel go above and beyond the minimum.  We look forward to seeing you in the studio!

-Before entering the studio, a trainer will use a “no contact” thermometer to check the temperature of each client. If your temperature is above 100.4 degrees, we will ask that you return to the studio once you are fever free for at least 24 hours. We realize this is not a fool proof way of diagnosing any particular illness, but we feel it is an added layer of precaution. Please wear your mask into and out of the studio.

-If you are sneezing/coughing or don’t feel well/have a fever, please stay home to recover.  Your health is of the utmost importance to us. If you feel like you may have been sick or have come in contact with someone at risk of being sick, please move to an online format as arranged with your trainer.  

-Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds after entering the studio and especially after going to the bathroom or after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing. We also have an alcohol-based hand sanitizer available to you to use throughout the workout. 

-We are limiting the number of people in the studio. We are working together to keep clients 6 feet apart for social distancing. 

-At the beginning of your session, your equipment will be assigned to you, and we will not have clients trading or using the same equipment or weightsBecause you will have your own equipment for your workout, you will not need gloves. However, we will have disposable gloves on hand if you prefer the extra precaution. You are also welcome to bring your own gloves. 

-We are not enforcing anyone to wear a mask while working out, however, you are welcome to wear one.  This is optional. Please wear your mask into and out of the studio. Each trainer will have a mask on hand and will wear it upon your request during your session. 

We are asking that everyone bring their own towel as our towel service will be suspended for now. Of course, we’ll bring this service back as soon as it makes sense to safely do so. 

-For this phase of the reopening, our showers and changing room will be unavailable. Of course the restrooms will be available as usual, but we’ll have to ask that you freshen up at home after your workout. 

-We are excited to announce we have installed a sensored, no touch water bottle filler. Please bring your own bottle or cup to use during your session.  

-Last but not least, we take the cleanliness of our studio very seriously. We want to assure you we will be disinfecting equipment, weights and mats before and after use. We will continue to have the highest standards of cleanliness you’ve come to expect. 




Iron Fitness
3600 N Capital of TX Hwy #A160
Austin TX 78746


Your place of business or residence (travel charges may apply)

Contact Kathy with any questions.